Guest Speaker

Kevin is a 3 time Gemini Awardwinning producer (Canada’s version of the Emmy’s), entertainer, musician and proud father of six children. Much of his work over the past 10 years has been dedicated to faith and family issues.

Kevin is currently speaking throughout Canada and the USA on his recent documentary The Euthanasia Deception and what it means to our culture and people of faith – or no faith at all.  There are two versions of the talk, one more secular in nature and another more Christian in context. The secular version, available at has had a tremendous response teh world over. The faith version of the documentary just had it’s world television premiere on EWTN: Global Catholic Network.   To book Kevin Dunn for a speaking engagement or a screening of one of his films click here.

Kevin’s most recent talk is a passionate account of his filming experience in Brussels, Belgium where 15 years ago, laws legalizing euthanasia were passed.  He’s collected a number of first-hand testimonials from family members, doctors, lawyers and religious leaders from both Belgium and Canada in an effort to show the rest of the world what this ideology can do do a culture over time. The documentary “Vulnerable –
The Euthanasia Deception” is being produced alongside the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, International.  While the doc is still in production, Kevin has been speaking to various groups, sharing his experiences in Belgium and showing various scenes from the documentary. The film reveals where Canada and the rest of the world is headed if we follow the path of Belgium, and what we can do to stem the tide.