Live Performance Testimonials

It has been my pleasure to enjoy the “Dunn” experience on a number of occasions , but I was not prepared for their creation and talented delivery of a melody of tribute songs at my own retirement event. They put an exclamation point to one of the most emotionally rewarding days in my career and my life. -Bob Cooke Senior Vice President, State Farm Insurance

“Kevin blew us away with an accolade I was equally honoured and humbled by.  A few years ago, I was listed as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40.  He seamlessly integrated aspects of my career and family life into a heart-warming tribute with the perfect mix of humour and emotion.  It’s one I will never forget and will always be thankfufl to him for.” -Jamie S. Brown, CEO & Executive Producer, Frantic Films

“Kevin likes to be the centre of attention. He’s one of those guys that doesn’t demand the attention, but just falls into or earns the role of head attention getter.  Whether it be a gathering of friends, family, colleagues, or the general public, Kevin will win over a crowd with a clever invitations, organizing of gatherings, re-written song lyrics, stories of the past or performing of songs that everyone can sing along.  He has used his entertainment skills to bring people together, network, celebrate special occasions, raise money for organizations and charities, market himself and his work, and to create great memories for all around him.  Whether he does it consciously or not, Kevin always has his marketing hat on. He always has new ideas floating around in his head and sees a bigger potential to every idea then the average person.” -Tony Wytinck, Senior Editor & Longtime Friend, MidCanada Production Services

“Kevin is master at rewriting lyrics to a song to suit a specific event or personal friend.  He can take someone’s scattered point-form notes, and turn it into a polished diamond–or take hundreds of movie and television show clips or one liners and weave them all together with the spoken work and create a kick-ass marketing video.  He spits out these clever, poetic pieces of art faster then anyone else I have ever come across.” -Tony Wytinck, Senior Editor, MidCanada Production Services

“I have witnessed Kevin’s communication skills at numerous public and private events over several years.  At both my 50th celebration, along with several private weddings, Kevin clearly articulated important key highlights with ease which demonstrated his ability to display his unique skills at all times without difficulty.” Andrew R. Eckstein, Audit Manager, Internal Audit Services, Royal Bank of Canada