National March for Life

Highlights from the 2017 National March for Life and Vigil. DunnMedia was pleased to service produce the 5 hour live broadcast for EWTN.

Promotional Ad for 2017 National March for Life by DunnMedia:

Promo for National March for Life 2016…

Highlights from EWTN/DunnMedia Coverage of the National March for Life 2015

DunnMedia and EWTN produced a 5 hour broadcast of the 2014 National March for Life, May 8th in Ottawa, in association with Campaign Life Coalition.

Here’s the promotional video for this year’s march with the theme RU-4 LIFE.

For the third year in a row, DunnMedia will partner with the largest religious broadcaster in the world, EWTN and Campaign Life Coalition, to broadcast a five hour telecast of the march. Here are some of the highlights from the event which drew 25,000 people to Parliament Hill.

Coverage in the past included daily YouTube updates (in HD) and received tens of thousands of views from Canada, the USA and around the world.   Our hotel room be an editing suite where we cut together these updates and uploaded them to the Internet in a matter of hours.
2012 Highlights

2012 Power of Youth Video

2012 Promotional Video

2011 Highlights

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