Road Trip: Kids on the Side

6 x 1 Hours – Family Adventure / Ob Doc Series

One motorcycle, two parents and two children, traveling fifteen thousand kilometers through three continents and fifteen countries  – on fifteen thousand dollars…not your typical family vacation.

The Sorrells are no strangers to adventure. Brett is an executive-track salesman, somehow balancing his need for excitement with work, his role as husband to Kathryn, and father to 5-year-old Cedar and 3-year-old Buck. Katherine is the reluctant, but supportive wife who is constantly trying to keep her   ‘no limits’ husband somehow grounded.

Brett’s not ready to stop exploring, so the family usually comes along, bombing down the ski hills and roughing it in the rainforests. This time he’s packing the whole family up for the ride of their lives: loading the kids into the sidecar, Kathryn onto the pillion seat, and heading off down the highway – from the Arctic Circle to the tip of Argentina.

Why not?  Who says you can’t do it all?

As the Sorrells venture south, braving storms and roadside toilets, fighting muddy roads, surly border guards – and occasionally, each other – the questions start……What were they thinking? Will their commitment to each other be enough to keep them going when the road gets really bumpy?

Potholes and pitfalls await around every bend in the road, testing their patience, endurance – even their sanity. There are no guides, no back up plans and no guarantees of safety.

It’s a long road ahead for this little family and it’s going to take all the love they’ve got, along with a little luck, to make it to their destination – and survive this “great escape”.

Road Trip: Kids On The Side.  From DunnMedia & Big Red Barn Entertainment

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