90 Min. Special / 6 x 1 Hr. Series – In Development
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UNDER PRESSURE follows Chino Prison Diver graduates as they navigate life on the outside—on the job, on the streets, under water, Under Pressure. Hard time gives way to hard work, but the ultimate challenge gets personal, as they look to rebuild relationships, and rebuild trust – on the job and in the home. It’s about tough guys doing tough jobs – told with an entertaining, yet informative splash of science.

Welcome to the underwater world of commercial diving – fraught with danger, and flush with cash. For most, it’s an intense balancing act. But for the graduates of the one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking CHINO PRISON DIVING PROGRAM, the challenge is much bigger.

While serving time in maximum security, each year a select few make it through the brutally honest and uncompromising military style program. The reward? Becoming some of the best commercial divers in North America. Only 3% of criminals who survive this renowned diving program return to a life of crime. Why? Because they get released into a six figure income. That’s more than the cops who slapped on their cuffs.

Commercial Diving is intense and extremely dangerous, but it brings together 3 things many ex-cons desperately need on the outside: a pounding rush of adrenaline, serious money and solid brotherhood. Not many people can do what these tough survivors do everyday – chance being crushed by a rocking boat 300 feet down on a deep sea salvage operation or fight the deadly suction of a giant intake valve as they fix a damaged oil rig.